14 Most SHOCKING Weddings In The World!

Bizarre weddings you won’t believe actually exist! These unusual couples marriages are some of the strangest ceremonies ever in the world You’ll be shocked by these top strange and crazy weddings

1. Love at First Bite

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An unnamed Russian man married a whole pizza after concluding that love between humans is just too complicated. He said he friends would complain about the lack of a significant other or rocky relationships, so why marry a person? The strange wedding ceremony was held in a pizzeria in Tomsk city. The pizza was outfitted with a marriage veil accompanied by a bottle of wine. The -year-old realized he was bored of his single life and states pizza would not betray or reject you, adding that pizza is his favorite food of all time. If you had the chance to marry your favorite food in a wedding ceremony, what would it be?

2. Baring It All

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Every bride dreams of her perfect wedding gown. However, Phil Hendicott and Ellie Barton decided to show off their birthday suits instead. In front of  guests, the exhibitionist pair bared it all, only daunting their wedding rings and roses. The bride wore a white dress that was painted on her and sported a traditional long white wedding veil. The groom used a black top cover to shield his private regional. As shocking as the event was to friends and family, the ceremony took place in the morning and was broadcasted on FM radio to thousands of Australian listeners.

3. Pillow Comfort

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Lee Jin-Gyu, a South Korean man gained international attention for marrying his giant-sized body pillow he bought from Japan. Television character Fate Testarossa from the animated show Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha is featured on the pillow, and he said they had been dating for six years before getting married. Friends claim that Lee doesn't go anywhere without his pillow as he is completely obsessed with it. He had help from a local priest to carry out his wedding, even dressing the pad in a custom wedding dress Lee eventually revealed to the press that while the wedding was a publicity stunt, he is going to take a few years to think about going through with an actual marriage. 

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On an intent to set a world record, a bride from Guangzhou , China donned a bridal train measuring  yards. The train weighed over  pounds and was over  feet long. She had help from guests as they followed her and each lifted a piece of the train as she walked down the aisle. Xie Qiyun snapped a photo of the blushing bride and her groom in front of a hotel in Guangzhou on after they tied the knot. The Guinness World Records state, the longest wedding train measured , meters and was created in  by Andreas Efstratiou in Cyprus. 

5. Puppy Love

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An Australian man Joseph Guiso married the love of his life, while nothing seems off by that that, his new wife named Honey does have a tail, four legs and barks like a dog. Well, because she is a dog The two were married in a local park, surprising  family members and friends present at the wedding event. Describing himself as religious, Joseph claims he assured his family that it wasn't sexual, but he just couldn't stand the guilt of living with his canine pal out of wedlock. The pair held hands, exchanged vows and even danced to the music during the festivities. 

6. Sky's the Limit

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Belgian couple Jeroen and Sandra Kippers gave guests an expected surprise as they were hoisted  feet in a crane for their wedding celebration. They were accompanied by musicians,  guests and an officiant who witnessed the couple bungee jump off the platform after they exchanged vows. The company that made it possible is called “Marriage In The Sky,” and they fulfill requests from couples who wish to add some thrill to their wedding. After the bungee jump, guests are lowered to the ground to enjoy a three-course wedding breakfast and the rest of the commemoration. 

7. Love Plus

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A 27 -year-old man from Tokyo only known as Sal married the woman of his dreams. Sal is married to Nene Anegasaki; he describes her as sexy, stable and witty. What might seem like a problem to many, doesn't bother him one bit, as the girl of his dreams is a video game character from the Nintendo DS game, “Love Plus.” Sal is described to be the first person to confirm a first human to avatar union. Their wedding was performed in front of thousands of online users. He stated Nene is better than a human girlfriend and even takes her everywhere he goes. He also claims that even though he knows the wedding is not legally bound, it is his way of showcasing his devotion and love to his avatar girlfriend. 

8. Brigade of Bridesmaids

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Dance teacher Jill Stapleton from Ohio set a world record after she asked her students to be bridesmaids at her wedding. She is the owner of Jill's Tumble's world and all  students wore their red colored dress, by the school colors and walked her down the aisle. Each bridesmaid also carried a single rose and Jill describe the event as an incredible moment. The previous record was held by a bride who had  bridesmaids at her wedding. 

9. Blooming Roses

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Xiao bought 99, 999 red roses for his soon to be wife, Xiao Liu for their wedding in central China. The groom spent a year's salary purchasing precisely 99,999 roses since the number 999 is considered good luck. It required 30 cars to deliver the roses to the service, and some of the flowers were even flown from across the country. He stated he knew how much she loved roses and the idea stuck with him. Also, the groom also donated 20% of the proceeds to charity to get more good luck. Talk about a real fairy tale wedding

10. Swimming with Fish

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Divers Michael Curry and April Pignataro took their wedding ceremony to a whole other level. Diving down inside a 120,000-gallon shark tank at Atlantis Marine World in New York, April wore a white wetsuit while Michael sported a black one. They exchanged vows underwear in a protected steel cage, surrounded by eels, nurse sharks, and sand sharks. The pair spoke through mics in their scuba masks, while friends and family listened to the unique ceremony through a broadcasted radio transmitter. An officiant performed the ceremony above the water. 

11. Til Death Do Us Part

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A French woman named Magali Jaskiewicz was granted a posthumous white wedding in her community. Her fiance Jonathan George died in a fatal car accident two days after he asked Magali to marry him. The couple spent six years together and had two children. In France, posthumous marriages are granted as long as there is supporting evidence that the deceased person had the intent of marrying their partner while they were alive. The mayor who gave Magli her request of being a legal widow and said the evidence was “rock solid.” At the wedding ceremony, she wore her late husband's ring around the neck. 

12. Shrek Wedding

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This pair's wedding will be sure to leave you green with envy. Nathan and Amanda Gibbs dressed up as Shrek and Princess Fiona to raise money for Cancer Research. Instead of the traditional white gown and black tuxedo, they were painted green and had their guests dress up for the occasion as well. After losing some f riends to the disease, the couple also requested the guests donate money to charity rather than a marriage gift.

13. Tower of Love

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 Formerly known as Erika Labrie, she took on the last name after she “married”the Eiffel tower back in . She suffers from paraphilia that causes her to develop attraction and relationships with inanimate objects. Her first object relationship was with her competition bow, named Lance. She claimed Lance helped her to be a world-class archer. She was also involved in a 20 -year relationship with the Berlin Wall, which inspired a musical theater production. She first visited the Eiffel Tower back in  and felt a connection so powerful that a wedding had to happen. Erika said the attraction was so strong that it eventually led to marriage. On the second anniversary of her “marriage” to the Eiffel Tower, she guest starred on Good Morning America to discuss object love and empowerment.

14. Self Awareness

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On her th birthday, Yasmin Eleby staged an elegant ceremony and invited friends and family to celebrate a joyous event. No, they weren't celebrating her birthday, but a wedding between her and herself She hadn't been in a relationship for six years, but the lack of men didn't stop her from spending months to plan out the occasion. She even had a ring, three ministers and ten bridesmaids on her big day She claims that she wishes other men and women would see that self-uniting marriage isn't just about themselves, but it's the self-love and self-worth you commit to yourself every day.