5 Major reasons why you do not like your PHUPPO?

We all have one irritating person in our family, either it is your khala, phuppo or mumani, and we all dread facing them. We have our reasons of not liking them but here we will discuss few vital points why we do not like them? Brace yourself annoying phuppo discussion just started.

1. Exaggeration next level by Phuppo-

Exaggeration next level by Phuppo- www.wowreads.com

That moment when your phuppo is over and she will praise her children as the worlds most smart kids and you on the other hand as the worlds most nikkami daughter.

2. World’s Biggest Critic my Phuppo-

World’s Biggest Critic my Phuppo- www.wowreads.com

She just do not need a reason to point out the bad things in you or anything around you, made by you, cooked by you, touched by you or even the air you breath in she will definitely declare it harmful too.

3. Drama Queen my Phuppo-

Drama Queen my Phuppo-

The best part comes here, she just waits for a big gathering to gain the attention of everyone by creating dramas and reacting over small things which could be ignored otherwise. “Mere betay ka naam card pe nai tha” , “Khanay mein mirchein bohat thi”, “Apki beti ne itna makeup kiun kiya hua hai?”. There is not any stop and weddings are the best season for dramas and phaddaz by Phuppo.

4. FBI agent- I know it all Phuppo-

FBI agent- I know it all Phuppo- www.wowreads.com

If there is something you are planning to hide from your phuppo, please do not think about it. The more you want to hide something the more she will get to know about it. You wont know the things going on in your own house but it is her utmost responsibility to keep an eye on you and your activities. “kahan se ari ho”, “kis k  sath gai thi?” “moti nai ho gai thodi”. Alas! The inquiries wont end ever.

5. Phuppo ka beta.! and you were waiting for a prince charming-

Phuppo ka beta.!  and you were waiting for a prince charming- www.wowreads.com

All your life there was this one person who criticized you for not being up to mark, for not being a good kid in the family and suddenly when you grow up to be something good in life that person has her eyes on you and wants you to be her future daughter in law. Like really? Haven’t she given you enough reasons in the childhood to hate her why suddenly this change of heart?

I am sure there are some good phuppos out there too but there is a large chunk of our society who would agree with me on the points discussed above.