6 Reasons Why People Have Dimples On Their Cheeks

I wish I had dimples on my cheeks, after all, it makes people look so adorable. Even if they are clever inside, it will make them appear as if no one has ever been as innocent as them. It brings out the charming aspect in people and you would always want to make them smile or laugh or giggle when they are with you, because their dimples, are like a social service to us. Right? Okay, well maybe I am exaggerating a little, but here are reasons why people actually have a dimple.

1. Genetic Defect!

Genetic Defect! http://www.zeppfeed.com/story/665/6-reasons-why-people-have-dimples-on-their-cheeks

First thing’s first, it is a defect, aka a flaw which people inherit from their parents. So, hey you with dimpled chin, do not be that proud, okay?

2. Not harmful

Not harmful http://www.zeppfeed.com/story/665/6-reasons-why-people-have-dimples-on-their-cheeks

Don’t worry, even though it is “biologically” a flaw, it is not harmful to health. Now that I think of, It is actually good for health as when you are depressed, you can still smile and know you are at least cuter than half the population, right?

3. Initial stages

Initial stages http://www.zeppfeed.com/story/665/6-reasons-why-people-have-dimples-on-their-cheeks

Dimples are formed only at the initial stages of development, as early as development of embryo, and is caused when subcutaneous connective tissue is not formed properly during that stage.

4. How it is formed

How it is formed http://www.zeppfeed.com/story/665/6-reasons-why-people-have-dimples-on-their-cheeks

A dimple is formed, when the person smiles and the facial muscles are pull up the skin, causing a depression. They are not caused because of malfunction of multiple genes, but only because of impairment of single gene.

5. Either mom or dad

Either mom or dad http://www.zeppfeed.com/story/665/6-reasons-why-people-have-dimples-on-their-cheeks

If you have a dimple, it is pretty sure that you either got it from your mom or your dad as it is inherited in the children.

6. Not always both cheeks

Not always both cheeks http://www.zeppfeed.com/story/665/6-reasons-why-people-have-dimples-on-their-cheeks

Have you met someone who did not have it on both cheeks? Well, it is quite common. Maybe when God was distributing dimples up in the Sky, he forgot to lend you a pair and thought, “That’s Enough.”