Follow these 5 natural tips for the beauty of lips

The skin of the lips is much slim than the face, so it needs a lot of care. If you do not take care of it, it will not only become rough and dry, but it often appears dark. This destroys your entire look. If you also want to increase the beauty of your lips and do not want to use the lip balm filled with chemicals, then help with some easy natural methods. Without delay, you also know about them.

1. Do it before bedtime Hydrate

Do it before bedtime Hydrate Photo: Shutterstock

During summer sleep in summer, the air of the fan or the fan and dry the lips of the weather in the winter. Therefore, often when you wake up, your lips seem dry.To avoid this, place a thin layer of cream or ghee before sleeping. Drink plenty of water as well.

2. Massage

Massage Photo: Shutterstock

Massage is also important for beautiful lips. This increases blood circulation and your lips become beautiful and healthy.Massage it for 5 minutes with some almond oil every day.

3. Find relief from dark lips

Find relief from dark lips Photo: Shutterstock

Due to sunlight your lips become black. For this, add a saffron and curd to its thin layer every day for a few days.Put it twice a day. If you want, instead of adding 3-4 petals of roses to a sufficient quantity of milk, leave it overnight. Squeeze it in the morning and apply it on the lips. Wash on drying.

4. Scrub lips

Scrub lips Photo: Shutterstock

Dead skin cells not only make the face but also on the lips and make it ruff. To avoid this, scrub the lips like the face twice a week.For this you should use sugar and coconut oil or honey together.

5. Take help of glycerin and lemon

Take help of glycerin and lemon Photo: Shutterstock

Where glycerin will moisturize your lips, lemon will eliminate darkness from its bleaching properties.For this, add 2-3 cups of lemon juice to one fourth spoon of glycerin before sleeping for a few days everyday. Wash in the morning. Avon it with a sensible skin.

6. Do not always use matt lipstick

Do not always use matt lipstick Photo: Shutterstock

If you too use it too much, then change your habit. This makes your lips dry.Occasionally use it. Instead, you should choose lipsticks made from vitamin E and glycerin or moisturizing formulas.