How to Get Dimples on Cheeks Naturally At Home?

When we look at celebs with dimple on their cheeks, they steal our hearts. Undoubtedly these adorable dimples bring the charismatic ally attractive look on the face. Everybody wonder how to get these dimples. I always wonder and want to figure out what it is about dimples that make a person so eye-catching. They are so pleasing, so dazzling that many of us wish to be among the blessed few who can blaze a dimpled smile and sway viewers off their feet.

1. Get Dimple with Piercing

Get Dimple with Piercing

If you wish to get dimples so badly, the effectual way on how to get dimples is piercing. Yes, it’s possible to get dimples with piercing. Though, if you gonna try this, keep in mind that piercing method has huge risk of infection. So think twice and here you need to be careful. It is recommended to not get cheek piercing at home. It is advisable to get it from expert pierce who have a great reputation in order to get the piercing done safely and successfully.

2. Practice Suck Up Cheeks Exercise

Practice Suck Up Cheeks Exercise

This is the easiest way to get dimple on cheeks naturally as regular practice promotes to get lovely dimples without any painful surgery. Regular practice can give you natural dimples. This exercise is very easy; so, you can do it at any time. You just need to pull in the cheeks and keep it for a few seconds before relaxing. You just have to repeat it for 10 minutes every time and many times daily until you get the suitable result.

3. Diet.


It might be possible that you lost your dimple because of overweight. Dimple might become less visible cause of fat gathered on cheeks. If you face same issue, the simple helpful way on how to get dimples naturally is eating a healthy diet to lose weight.

4. Make Up

Make Up

Another easiest way to get dimples naturally without surgery is drawing bow moon shape on your cheeks with the help of makeup essentials. From the peak points of your dimples, unwind the mouth. Draw a tiny bent line from the dot you made. You may use the eyebrow pencil and eyeliner to make the dot.

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