Learn How To Know Your Skin And Choose The Perfect Product

Take a look at some basic things and find out more about your skin type and how your beauty product is. Whether cream or may pipe products are also different for different skin types. If you did not buy your skin according to type, it would not be effective and you could also have a second skin problem. Many times you feel that your skin is oily but in reality it comes in the category of combinations.

1. Combination Skin

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In it, the T-zone (nose and forehead) is oily; the other parts are normal and clean or dry. The problem of large pores is also common in such skin, which is clearly visible on forehead, chin and nose. Not only that, the problem of pimples in this skin is also quite visible.

In such a skin, the area near the nose is clean and fresh after facialwash, but in the rest you will feel stiffness.

Such girls always use products with neutral pH. Gel cream or lotion hands. At the same time, avoiding cream with heavy weight formula. Use Mild Cleanser like Pears, Dove or Neutrogena.

2. Oily Skin

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When you wash your face, your skin looks quite clean, oil-free and fresh. If so, then your skin is oily. Another way to find out is to take a cotton wipe and wipe it out of your face. If you see a dust sticking on it, then your skin is oily.

In such a skin, the trouble of pimples, large and closed pores is greatly appreciated. Monica advises using facial wash for salmon and salicylic acid for such skin. Use it twice a day and night. Also, you use Cetaphil brand's moisturizer and facewash for oily skin. Always use oil-free beauty and makeup products. Powered by the powder-based foundation.

3. Sensitive

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After facialwashing on this type of skin, you face a clean face, but after a while it comes to light dryness. At the same time, you have to face the problems of rhesus and eritration by using a product or a lot of it.

For such a skin, anybody recommends using a medicated mild cleanser. Also, always use beauty products with lightweight formulas. A. Be sure to have a patch test before buying any beauty products.

4. Acne-prone skin

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Do you have trouble in the day you even have a day? So it is not that your skin is oily and that is why the problem is constantly taking place in your life, rather it is a sign of a hyper-skin skin.

Products for you with salicylic and lactic acid are a perfect choice. Glycerin based and light weight moisturizer is perfect for you. Avoid oil, mineral and petroleum-based products.

5. Normal Skin

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Such skin always gives you clean and soft feel. Even after washing your face, your sophistication remains intact. You do all kinds of product suits and pores are not visible at all on your face.

Also, you rarely have trouble like pillals. Every kind of product suits on such a skin. Use gel cream or lotion and hydrated moisturizer. Use alcohol-free facewash.

6. Dry Skin

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If your skin tight starts to feel tired and tidious only after a few hours of applying moisturizing and cream, then you have trouble with dry skin. Sometimes there are red patches. Whether it is hot or cold, your skin is always stretched.

If your skin is such, avoid getting too late in the air condition. For such a skin type, there are good options for moisturizers with hyaluronic acid. If you talk about facewash, then use the facewash of a medicated clenzer, cetaphil, dove or pears.