Take care of hair after taking straightening and rebounding,

Some tips are important for maintaining the beauty of hair after straightening or rebounding. This will save your hair from any kind of damage. So, you also know about these important tips that follow after straightening or rebooting.

1. Avoid Hair Color

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There are plenty of chemicals used on your hair during straightening or rebounding. Now if you do hair color, then the hair will be damaged by dyes and chemicals. Therefore, do not paint or highlight the hair for at least 6 months.

2. Use of wooden comb

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Such comb is important for the beauty of your hair. Plastic comb produces static energy in your hair and makes it defective and weakens. So use wood comb to protect your weak hair from breaking down for a few months of straightening.

3. Make homemade packs

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Use your home hair masks to protect your hair from the dammed democracies and beauty of them. For this, you should use a pack made of fenugreek. Soak the fenugreek overnight and grind it in the morning. Now add 3 spoons fenugreek seeds, 4 teaspoons curd, 1 teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon olive oil. Wash on drying. Use it once a week for a while.

4. Do not use hot water

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These treatments make your hair a little weak and dry. If you use hot water then they will become quite rough and dry. Yes, keep in mind that do not wet the first 3 hair at all. If you wash your lips after the first straightening, then conditioners are sure to apply. Use normal water for a few weeks.

5. Oil and hair serum are important

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To protect hair from damaged hair, make sure to use oil massage twice a week. Also use hair serum to maintain their shiny look. For this, put it on the wet wet hair after bathing.

6. Avoid the Use of Ealing Tools -

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 By using them in common days, there are full chances of having your hair damaged. If they use them after straightening or rebooting, these will become more dry. This will also help you to cope with the problems of hair loss and dryness.