Teenage Boy Dies After His Girlfriend Gave Him A Hickey!

As a expression of love, love bites or hickey is a gesture used during the course of intimate moments between a man and a woman. But this gesture of love can turn be fatal. A seventeen year old guy recently died due to the deadly love bite given to him by his girlfriend. Here’s what happened with him.

1. Not The First

Not The First http://www.zeppfeed.com/story/2183/teenage-boy-dies-after-his-girlfriend-gave-him-a-hickey

Various news reports appear to suggest that the girl has gone in to hiding, with her current whereabouts at the time of writing, still unknown. It might shock you to learn that this is not the first time this sort of thing has happened. The New Zealand Medical Journal tells of a similar incident back in 2011, in which a lady lost her life following getting hot and heavy with her man.

2. A Bit Harsh?

A Bit Harsh? http://www.zeppfeed.com/story/2183/teenage-boy-dies-after-his-girlfriend-gave-him-a-hickey

Do you think it might tbe a bit much to blame the young woman for what she did? I mean, it’s not like she meant to kill her boyfriend, did she? Unless there’s more to the story that we’re not being told, we think that’s probably a little bit harsh to put it on her.

3. Who To Blame?

Who To Blame? http://www.zeppfeed.com/story/2183/teenage-boy-dies-after-his-girlfriend-gave-him-a-hickey

Paramedics were called to the home in a bid to try and save the boy’s life but they were unsuccessful in doing so. Unfortunately, it appears that the youngster’s parents are now blaming the woman involved.

4. Convulsions And Death

Convulsions And Death http://www.zeppfeed.com/story/2183/teenage-boy-dies-after-his-girlfriend-gave-him-a-hickey

Seventeen-year-old teen, Julio Macias Gonzalez, is reported to have died after convulsing at his home in Mexico City, having earlier spent time with his 24-year-old girlfriend, reported The Sun. Reports suggest that the boy died as a result of a blood clot caused by a hickey his girlfriend gave him.

5. Deadly Kiss

Deadly Kiss http://www.zeppfeed.com/story/2183/teenage-boy-dies-after-his-girlfriend-gave-him-a-hickey

Hickeys aren’t the best look and, if possible, whether or not it seems like a good idea at the time, it is a good idea to try and avoid them. DiscoverSeventeen (Americ