This caution in pregnancy can save your child from asthma

During pregnancy, eating a diet containing vitamin D can positively change the ability of newborn babies, which can prove to be safe from respiratory infections and asthma diseases. According to Katherine Hariłowicz, chief researcher of King's College of London, "Most cases of asthma are identified in childhood. This means that the origin of the disease is only in the early life of the fetus and infant."

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The team of researchers looked at the effects of the infant's resistance after having taken 4,400 international unit vitamin D during the second and third trimester pregnancy compared to 400 (International Unit) on the basis of counseling. 

'Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology' The study published in that has shown that high levels of vitamin D can increase resistance to newborn infants during pregnancy. 

Given the strong immunization evidence against asthma in early life, the team believes that its effects will improve the respiratory processes of children in childhood. 

HariLowicz said that the relationship between Vitamin D and the immune system in the child has been examined so far and it has been observed, but for the first time it has been shown that high levels of Vitamiv D during pregnancy affect the resistance of the newborn baby. And can provide protection from asthma. 

According to Harrielowicz, in the future studies, the long-term impact on the child's immune system should be seen.