Ways To Naturally Remove Unwanted Body Hair Permanently

Women, oh women! They are all tired of scheduling their waxing appointments after every few weeks. Wouldn't the world will be a better place if they get rid of the hair permanently? Every woman struggles with body hair issues, be it under arms or legs as they can't wear shorts if the hair is showing, ugh. Even shoulders and back are tough places to sprout hair from. Well, these days men also don't like to have too much hair on their body, which is why they should know the way to get rid of them:

1. Papaya

Papaya http://www.zeppfeed.com/story/4328/ways-to-naturally-remove-unwanted-body-hair-permanently

Papaya is packed with vitamins and minerals, as well as a specific enzyme called papain. It is helpful in breaking down hair follicles and this slows down the hair growth. Peel and chop papaya into pieces and then mash it. Now, start massaging your skin and wash after 20 minutes. You can apply it anywhere you have unwanted hair and see results after some time.