Weird Things Women Do After Breakup And Men Are Clueless

World is nothing but a fight of the two genders, They need to adjust and live here with each other, despite of all the differences. Yes, yes, we may be attracted to the opposite $ex all the time, but we cannot neglect the fact that life would have been easier if we all were homo$exuals. The world would have been at peace, after all. Okay, I have a habit of Exaggerating a little but that is what women believe as they always have to win the breakup even if she was the one to call it Quits.

1. Stalks ex-boyfriend

Stalks ex-boyfriend

She will un-friend him, but still stalk him on every social media account by logging into her best friend’s account.

2. Gets drunk

Gets drunk

And alcohol is the only true friend of misery which she will go to in order to heal her emotional wounds. Probably, she will end up texting the guy and regretting it later, but who cares about that?

3. Bad mouthing her Ex-boyfriend

Bad mouthing her Ex-boyfriend

She will let every guy know how the guy broke her heart and every lady know how much terrible he was so that they do not end up hooking up with him. All the details will be out, from his emotional unavailability to flaws in the bed.

4. Writing Poetry

Writing Poetry

Poetry is for the deep sad souls and for her, a best way to recover. Even if it does not come out right, she is going to write poetry.

5. Gets a make-over

Gets a make-over

And she needs to feel new, for a new start and thus, will go and get a makeover. Her hair color and her entire wardrobe will soon change so that the guy, who left her, regrets!

6. Trash Talk with the Ex

Trash Talk with the Ex

She will start the text by telling him how much she misses him and then continue blaming him for how he ruined her life. *oh the things love does to poor souls*