What Eyeshadow Color Suits Your Eye Color the Most

Whatever your eye color is, you should know that your eyes are beautiful. There is just not a single eye color in the world that is not gorgeous. Some people who have brown eyes, for example, are so much in love with the blue eyes that they do not hesitate to change their eye color. But if nature has decided that you should have this eye color then you should be happy with what is given to you.

1. Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes http://www.zeppfeed.com/story/1036/what-eyeshadow-color-suits-your-eye-color-the-most

Probably one of the most popular color around. Some women may not feel special if their eye color is brown thinking that you can find easily, but this is not true. When you match the color of your eyes and their shape, you already have something really special and unique. Besides, brown color, being a neutral color, it can be matched with every single eye shadow you can think of. Feel free to try different combinations. But still there are some colors, which can make your eyes pop even more. Do not miss to have blue and purple in your eye shadow palette. Sometimes you can match more than one color.