What Jennifer Aniston Eats In A Day Will Probably Make You Very Sad

America's golden girl, Jennifer Aniston shot to fame with her epic series "Friends" and then she turned into a superstar by starring in other hit Hollywood movies as well. She had a bad divorce with Brad Pitt but now seems to be happily married to Justin Theroux. She has the ability to make many girls envious even when she is 47! But I bet, you had no idea how much hard work it takes to achieve look like her. While you are sitting their munching a bag of chips, it is far from your goal.

1. She revealed in an interview.

She revealed in an interview. http://www.zeppfeed.com/story/3531/what-jennifer-aniston-eats-in-a-day-will-probably-make-you-very-sad

Very recently she told the Elle magazine that she takes warm lemon water and then a shake to have that glow. She also adds avocado and eggs to her breakfast, which is her favorite morning meal.