If these things are in your beauty products then your skin may be damaged

Often we like a product and purchase it without having to know it all. But the ingredients in any product have a lot of significance. There are also many such entrepreneurs who are not good for your skin and you may have to face allergies, rashes and many such problems. You also know what the beauty products from Skin Appeal's director and dermatologist Monika Misra do not make the mistake of buying which ingredients are available.


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Lipstick with which you flatten beautiful pout, it can make trouble for you. Yes, if the leads are present as an English, then it will be avoided. If you use such lipstick, then gradually the lead gets into your body and reduces the fertility rate and also causes cancer like illness. Also, the skin causes the allergy problem


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Do not use it if it contains Propylene Glycol, Thimerisol, BHA and BHT and Paraben. Due to these you may have difficulty in breast cancer and respiratory problems besides breast irritation.

Body wash and Face wash

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In addition to Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), polyethylene / PEGs are present, this product can be a problem for you. These ingredients are fast in your body and in the future, many skin, lungs and eye irritations are caused. Many times they also damage the kidneys and respiratory systems.


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If Oxybenzone is present in your sunscreen, do not use it. This disturbs your body's hormone system. Always buy sunken sunken zinc oxide or titanium oxide.

Hair Products

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Whenever you buy hair products such as shampoo or conditioners, keep in mind that there is no silicone in it. Most shampoo and conditioners have silicon and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), due to which your hair becomes shiny. This method of finding quick shiny hair is quite simple but it causes the breakdown of your hair and makes them weak.

Nail paint

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Dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde in most nail paints are all present as indigenous. The use of allergies, skin irritation and body insides are bad for kidney damage.