On-Set Secrets About 'Easy A'

Do you know who Emma Stone is?

Do you know who Emma Stone is? Ah yes, who doesn’t know her? After all, she is one of the most familiar faces in Hollywood. She had been seen in lot many movies like Crazy Stupid Love, The House Bunny, and The Amazing Spider-Man. And how can we just forget about her role in Easy A?! It's literally a movie that you can watch time and again and still split your sides at the same hilarious scenes. This movie in real terms made Emma a superstar and you will feel amazed when you get to know about some of the behind-the-scenes facts about this comedy. Read on but only if you're really looking forward to having a plenty of reason to feel happy.

First Audition

First Audition http://www.zeppfeed.com/story/1677/on-set-secrets-about-easy-a

Emma Stone actually desired the part but then couldn't clear the audition in person so she thought of giving a shot over Skype. The scene was the one that she auditioned with was the introductory webcam scene in the movie!