Take care of hair and skin in the monsoon!

Monsoon is about to knock. Though people enjoy monsoon a lot, but monsoon brings many problems. On the one hand where people feel fresh while on the one hand in the monsoon, there are many problems of skin and hair problems. So let us know how you can enjoy monsoon by taking care of hair and skin in monsoon season.

To keep the skin shiny, you should drink plenty of water. It will maintain moisture in the body. Keep some face washable at some time or keep face wipes together and keep wiping the face after some time. Do not make too much makeup in the weather season. This will avoid the problem of pimples. Oily foods look good in monsoon but it causes skin problems. Avoid eating fried foods like pakoda. Use Anti Dandruff Shampoo to avoid Dendhroff in the monsoon. This will maintain moisture in the hair. Try hair products that are pherocone olemin and vitamin B5. To avoid bacterial infection, wash hair at least two to three times a week and keep scaple dry. Hair styling product is used to eliminate drying of children. Use less than.