You Won't Believe What Happened When This Girl’s Hot Selfie Pictures Leaked Online

Needless to say, these days taking selfies is much in trend. There is a lot more craze about it and we all love taking selfies.

Social networking websites like Facebook, Instragram, and many others are just swamped with selfies. Whether it is with our dogs, in our car while on the move or while having our early morning tea, #withoutmakeup selfies and even the duck-face selfies, the list is endless.

However, sometimes by taking selfies and then uploading them we sometimes find ourselves in an awkward situation or become the butt of the joke for others.

Read on to know what happened when a girl’s hot selfie picture leaked online:

Selfie craze

Selfie craze

Most of the times girls love to flaunt their beauty or their hot bod. It’s very hard for them to abstain themselves from doing the certain task. After all, it is they who say that if you possess something really good, then why not to show it off. This is what a teacher from Christian Public School did without having any idea it will turn out to be the worst experience of her life.

Do you know what exactly went wrong down the road for the hot selfie pictures she uploaded? Let's get the inside scoop on this intriguing story.