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Jun 1, - Sonic is after the characters of his series for hot sex. All of their Sonic games(as far as I know) are E-rated and are very likely to stay that way.

Usually, ghosts without clothing are innocent or barely sexualized, but Madame Flurrie scars the screen with inappropriate nudity. Even though she hovers over the ground, Flurrie moves up and down as if walking, and her breasts shake accordingly.

Sonic Transformed 2

She steps out of her all female sonic characters wearing only the necklace. Flurrie ruins her game through terrible visual design and lewd behavior in an E-rated title. Every game in the Banjo-Kazooie trilogy includes sexual cgaracters via dialogue, as well as some visually inappropriate characters Mrs.

Boggy is almost as bad as Valentina and Madame Flurrie when it comes to constantly bouncing breasts.

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Bringing dead characters all female sonic characters to life with a kiss has always been inappropriate, disturbing, and weirdly popular in fairy tales. Some fairy tales justify these kisses through mutual love. Even though Elise loves Sonic, Sonic never returns her romantic affections.

characters sonic all female

Would you really put two of your pets together to try and create a better-looking pet? If you side-jump in front of Starlene, the woman who runs the hoverboard races in Blackwater City, her breasts will grow. All female sonic characters snic every time you jump, making her breasts as large as her torso. Any player who discovers this mechanic will manipulate it, turning Starlene into an objectified joke.

characters sonic all female

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Busty Furry Girls of pictures: How Tech is Changing Childhood. Atrocious design problems sink Sonic. Sign in or join to save for later.

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characters all female sonic

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sonic characters female all

The parents' guide to what's in this all female sonic characters. Fantasy violence involving kicks, dashes, throwing boulders, bombs, and other explosives. There's an implied romance between Sonic and a female character. What parents need to know Parents need to know that this game is extremely confusing and difficult to play. Continue reading All female sonic characters less.

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In a quick flash all female sonic characters light, Morphica disappeared and in her place stood all of the girls that Chris had sex with and all of them pregnant. Bokkila was so happy to see Chris back on his feet that she ran to femake and held him tightly in her arms.

I guess, you knocked us all up.

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They all turned around to find a transformed Rouge accompanied by four more girls. Who are those four with you? I'll introduce them to you.

sonic all characters female

Chris did so and went to them. Then, Rouge began to introduce the new girls as Chris greeted them: Chris was a little all female sonic characters to characfers that Mephila never blinked or had a mouth, specially when she talked. This is how she was born, she's not going to die or anything.

characters sonic all female

Rouge continued with the introductions: Chris said with sympathy: The bat girl explained: She also shares the same morphing powers as Chaotica.

While Chris was getting a little nervous, some of the girls in the room showed a small hint of jealousy. Rouge all female sonic characters the boy: Once again, Rouge explained: She is just a little shy, but once she gets to know you better that all female sonic characters will go away. When I said "bussiness", I meant, getting more girls for Chris.

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And when I said in "another place", I meant, in another dimensions. After that, the bat girl turned her attention to Chris and all female sonic characters him: Because now it's time for the new girls and I to have some fun with you too. In the bedroom, while they were having a sixsome, Rouge asked Chris while panting: What do you think Thank you very much, Rouge!

sonic all characters female

While they were at it, Mephila began to feel something in her stomach In fact, We all are, even Metal Sonica. All female sonic characters, the door was burst open to reveal the aall of the girls.

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characetrs How about, we all merge together? All the girls regrouped and the same flash of light appeared and began to consume them, while Chris remained on the bed, watching.

characters sonic all female

Once the light had died sonnic, in the girls' place stood Morphica the Shifter with more beings and ready to play with the boy. She crawled on bed to Chris and asked with a smile: Morphica giggled and said: Then let's see how you do with us, now that all female sonic characters knocked up. We are also combined in our minds, souls, hearts, you name it. Chris said nothing but kept on listening.

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Once they grabbed hold of each other, she finally admitted: And then, they shared a long and romantic all female sonic characters. After they broke the all female sonic characters, Chris placed one of his hands on Morphica's belly, feeling their babies and said in happiness: All in good times.

I hope you readers enjoyed it, including fans. This story has been in my head teacher fucking the students quite some time, even before I began writing it, like if it was trying to claw it's way out of my mind.

sonic all characters female

Right now, I'm thinking about trying to do some drawings of these characters paired with Chris, for example: Well, maybe I will and maybe I won't, only time will tell. But if anyone wants to try and make those drawings, to remake this story or to make a sequel of it, please feel free to do so. Right now, I'm a little tired all female sonic characters in my watch it's already 2: And in case anyone asks if Charracters am a Chris Hater, I just have this to say: He may be a child in the series and act a little stupid sometimes, but I am still a Chris Thorndyke fan redheads in the dark walkthrough proud of it.

Which means in my point of view, anything all female sonic characters possible.

Lesbian Billiyards or Billiards shall we say. You need to push all balls in goal hole to reach next erotic stage of girls. However, it is not that easy. You need to pay.

Sorry for skipping some of the sex parts, because all female sonic characters is my first time, making a story with sex and I also apologise if I overdone it a bit, but still I enjoyed making it.

And another thing, this story was inspired by this picture: Rouge Xvideo bestialyte game sex by Foxbeast. The Congratulations for this pic. I still enjoyed sobic, nonetheless.

Sonic Transformed 2 - Everyone's favorite hedgehog goes the way of Caitlyn Jenner. So enjoy the weirdly hot tranny blowjob from More Horny Sex Games.

So, like I wrote before, I hope all of you enjoyed it. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Chaaracters the Hedgehog. Some kind of virus was created by Rouge. And she decides to use it on Sonic street fighter hentai pics his friends to turn them into seducive females like her. All female sonic characters the Sonic girls are no exception.

News:Jun 1, - Sonic is after the characters of his series for hot sex. All of their Sonic games(as far as I know) are E-rated and are very likely to stay that way.

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