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It can also happen to someone who is relatively unathletic. A five-year-old climbing a tree, or a one-year-old learning to walk and falling down.

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If it happens when a girl is young enough, she probably won't remember it happening. These girls may not have pain or bleeding either, depending on how big the tear is. For girls girls getting their cherries popped were born with a hymen, the hymen will remain there, just torn, until she gives birth to a baby.

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Both, in a way. Your hymen cherry is a thin "film'' it's actually a tissue is intact and when it is torn, there is some bleeding.

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Mostly it is torn by sex, but something as simple as riding a bike or doing a split has been known to naughty babysitters videos it, but it is a hiighly flexible tissue so girls getting their cherries popped is not often that it tears that easily.

I was very athletic and was a dancer all through high school and college and mine didn't tear until I had sex. It's bot really a cherry its just her vagina. You pop a girls cherry by having sex with her a couple of days before her period.

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It's like a cherry red stuff comes out. A cherry is essentially the hymn of a virgin. When girls do certain sports gymnastics, horseback riding That doesn't mean that an active girl is any less of a virgin than one who isnt't.

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Dear, if you still use the term "pop your cherry" then you are FAR from mature enough to be having sex! And who the heck decides to lose their virginity while on their period??

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OMG this is the funniest question I have seen on here. You can indeed 'pop the cherry' while on your period.

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Why would you menstruating affect that anyways. Some girls bleed a lot and some not at all. It all depends on the girls body.

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Sad so sad how old is she 13 i bet a dollor. People say this is the most painful part but what is it?

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Are you sure that you want firls delete this answer? SOME girls still have a hymen when they have sex for the first time.

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It's basically a thin layer of tissue that gets well Typically, when this happens there's some blood. I've never heard anyone describe it as incredibly painful-- it's more like a little tiny bit of pain.

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Keep in mind, though, that most girls lose their hymen well before the first time they have sex!

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